Legal Services

We represent clients in all aspects of family law, including: 

Our family law services include the following:

Litigation. Litigation is often necessary, whether in the public court system or with a private judge, particularly when one party has unreasonable expectations, is not forthcoming with information, or is otherwise difficult to deal with. We have significant litigation experience, and we approach litigation as cost-effectively as possible. The ultimate goal is always to arrive at an appropriate settlement, and this often occurs during the course of litigation.

Mediation. As an alternative to litigation, the mediation process involves a neutral, third party mediator who works directly with the parties to arrive at a settlement. Many clients find mediation to be a less expensive, less stressful forum in which to resolve their disputes, since they are directly involved in negotiating the ultimate resolution. We have the training and experience to act as mediators in resolving family law matters. We also frequently represent clients as their independent counsel, providing legal advice, counsel and support for one of the parties involved in the mediation process. Depending on the needs and wishes of the client and mediator, independent attorneys sometimes attend some or all of the meditation sessions with the parties to facilitate negotiations or to ensure equal bargaining power.

Private Judges are often used by clients who are seeking more confidentiality and/or a more expeditious resolution, than public courts can offer. Clients frequently find the process – including trials – to be less formal, and less intimidating, than can be found in the public arena. Clay Greene has been retained as a private judge to help resolve a variety of family law cases.