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Greene Jordan Taubman & Dias

Certified Family Law Specialists

At Greene Jordan Taubman & Dias, LLP, we are all specialists in family law, certified by the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization. We focus exclusively on family law matters. 

With four certified family law attorneys, we have experience in and knowledge of the most complex family law issues. We have the capacity to take on small matters, which each partner manages individually, and larger matters which may require a team approach.

We provide the highest level services to our clients in all aspects of our practice, which includes litigation, mediation services, mediation counseling, and private judging. We pride ourselves on being able to provide individualized and immediate attention to the different needs of our clients. We are dedicated to professionalism, to providing outstanding service to our clients, and to achieving our clients’ goals in the most efficient and solution-oriented manner possible.